Thursday, July 30, 2009


I do not know why it is so hard for me to keep up with this blog! I have trouble deciding whether or not things that happen are "blog-worthy" or not. I really have good intentions and think about blogging often! I just hope I have some readers left! :) I definitely consider this story "blog-worthy" though. Only wish I would have recorded Lucas as well as just taking photos. Oh well, just another thing to work on!

My best friend, Marla, came over to visit on Monday and she bought Lucas a baby swimming pool. Of course it was a blow up one and we couldn't find the bicycle pump so Marla decided to blow it up the old fashioned way. Before she even got finished with the bottom section of the pool, Lucas was ready to get in it! We set it on the floor while she finished the last two sections and he just had a ball rolling around in it and laying on his back moving his arms and legs all around! It probably took a little extra time for Marla to blow it up since Lucas so graciously "helped" her out some, but she was a good sport about it! As soon as it was all blown up and we got Lucas out of it for a second, we were ready to take it outside.

Now our backyard is not exactly flat anywhere, but we did our best to find the flattest part. However, once the water was in the pool, we noticed there was both a deep end and a shallow end! Lucas was not too sure about the pool once it was outside, but once we plopped him down in it, he was okay. He enjoyed playing with his bath toys. He loves to take all of his toys and put them outside the pool in their container and then proceed to take them out of their container and put them back in the pool. After doing this a few times, he was ready to get out. He figured out pretty quickly how to get out of the pool. He would walk around on the grass for a while and then decide he was ready to get back in again. It was quite amusing for Marla and I. He tipped out a couple of times, but it didn't phase him and he seemed to have a great time! We will definitely be enjoying this for the rest of the summer. Thanks Auntie Marla!

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