Thursday, July 30, 2009


I do not know why it is so hard for me to keep up with this blog! I have trouble deciding whether or not things that happen are "blog-worthy" or not. I really have good intentions and think about blogging often! I just hope I have some readers left! :) I definitely consider this story "blog-worthy" though. Only wish I would have recorded Lucas as well as just taking photos. Oh well, just another thing to work on!

My best friend, Marla, came over to visit on Monday and she bought Lucas a baby swimming pool. Of course it was a blow up one and we couldn't find the bicycle pump so Marla decided to blow it up the old fashioned way. Before she even got finished with the bottom section of the pool, Lucas was ready to get in it! We set it on the floor while she finished the last two sections and he just had a ball rolling around in it and laying on his back moving his arms and legs all around! It probably took a little extra time for Marla to blow it up since Lucas so graciously "helped" her out some, but she was a good sport about it! As soon as it was all blown up and we got Lucas out of it for a second, we were ready to take it outside.

Now our backyard is not exactly flat anywhere, but we did our best to find the flattest part. However, once the water was in the pool, we noticed there was both a deep end and a shallow end! Lucas was not too sure about the pool once it was outside, but once we plopped him down in it, he was okay. He enjoyed playing with his bath toys. He loves to take all of his toys and put them outside the pool in their container and then proceed to take them out of their container and put them back in the pool. After doing this a few times, he was ready to get out. He figured out pretty quickly how to get out of the pool. He would walk around on the grass for a while and then decide he was ready to get back in again. It was quite amusing for Marla and I. He tipped out a couple of times, but it didn't phase him and he seemed to have a great time! We will definitely be enjoying this for the rest of the summer. Thanks Auntie Marla!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Laughter is the best medicine!

Today would have been my mother's 59th birthday. She was an incredible woman and not a day goes by that I do not think about her, especially now that I am a mother myself. I have so many fond memories of our times together. I would love to post some pictures, but those of you that knew her would agree that she would not approve of her picture being posted on the internet and I will respect her wishes. Instead, I will share with you her favorite joke/cartoon of all time. I can see her now the first time that she received this in an e-mail! She laughed so hard! So, as I celebrate her birthday, I feel it only fitting to laugh along with her. I love you mom! Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lucas turns 1!

My how time flies! I can't believe our little man turned 1 today! The day was filled with playing with all of his new toys he received for his birthday and plenty of good food. We even topped off the day with a little cake! His birthday party was last Sunday, but I'll blog more about that later. I just wanted to wish my little guy a Happy 1st Birthday. I treasure every moment I spend with him everyday. He is quite entertaining these days too! I love how he gets so excited to see his daddy when he gets home from work. He is learning to play by himself, but there are moments when he notices me down on the floor with him and he crawls over and stands up next to me and gives me a little hug. Those are the moments that just melt my heart! We go to the doctor tomorrow morning for his year checkup and I promise to update the blog with what we have been up to and what the doctor says. There will be plenty of new pictures as well so please check back! For now, I wish my baby a Happy 1st Birthday one last time! I can't wait to watch you grow over the next year to come! We love you Lucas!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Finally... an update!

I know, I know. It's been too long since I last posted and I'm sorry. The last two months of 2008 flew by! Actually, all of 2008 flew by! I can't believe that Lucas is now 9 months old! He weighs 17 lbs. 10 oz. and is 29 in. long. He has a total of six teeth now. Four on top and two on bottom. On Christmas Eve, he started crawling. He is all over the place now! He is pretty good at finding things that he is not supposed to have! Kevin was off from Christmas Eve afternoon until January 5th. Lucas and I really enjoyed having him home and getting some much needed stuff done around the house. We very much enjoyed Lucas' first Christmas. He was very interested in the wrapping paper and boxes that his new toys came in. He has officially taken over our family room with all of his toys! Sometimes I think that I have more fun with his toys than he does, but he does have a few favorites! He is now starting to dance (or rock really) when he hears music. He also clucks his tongue and can make a fishy noise/face. We are working on clapping and waving bye-bye and of course, saying mama. He says dada quite well, even though he doesn't really know what it means yet. ;) I am loving staying at home with him and am learning to cherish every moment we have together!

In the beginning of December, Kevin and I went on vacation with Dad and his friend, Rhonda, for a week. We spent four days at Disney World and took a four day cruise to the Bahamas. Lucas spent the week with Kevin's parents. He did very well, but Kevin and I missed him so much. We had a great time, but were very happy to be home!

Well, I think that just about catches us up. There are pictures from Christmas in the photo album, but here are a few of my favorites.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Patch!

Last Sunday, our Journey group went to Berry Patch Farms. Lucas took his first hayride and picked out his first pumpkin! Lucas was much more interested in the grass than the pumpkins so taking his picture was a bit challenging. Below are my favorite pics from the day. Check out our photo album for the rest of them!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

LOOOONG overdue update!

I'm baaaaaaack!! I really don't even no where to begin since it has been so long! Part of the problem is that Lucas and I were out of town for 2 weeks due to a death in the family and trying to get caught back up has been insane!!

Let's start of with what is new with Lucas. He now has a total of 4 teeth! He has the two on bottom and two on top. This last tooth has been especially painful for him and I am very grateful for Tylenol! Lucas is now sitting up on his own. While he is still a little bit wobbly, he is doing excellent and enjoying playing with his toys on his own. He is also a roly-poly right now. He is rolling all over the floor! Lucas has now been introduced to solid foods and hasn't met anything that he doesn't like yet! It is fun to watch him explore new tastes, but I am not a big fan of the new diapers! Another food change is that we have pretty much stopped breastfeeding. Yes, the lovely little man has bitten his mother and that was the end of that! He is taking to formula very well and while I was not quite ready to stop yet, I think it is best for everyone involved! Lucas took his first plane ride a couple of weeks ago to Tampa. He did great! While we were there for a sad occasion, the passing of my Aunt Elinor, Lucas had so much fun meeting and spending time with his Great-Grandma Agie. He also got to spend lots of time with his Great-Auntie Sue, whom made him chuckle for the first time! Lucas even put himself on a little schedule of taking two two hour naps a day. Sadly, this hasn't really continued. After coming back home, Lucas spent the night away from mommy and daddy for the first time at Nana's house. I know he had a great time, and I think mom and dad handled the evening pretty well! I think that's a pretty good summary of what little man has been up to these days. I will try and post some pics soon.

As for the rest of us, Kevin has been very busy at work and also studying for his upcoming exam. We have some end-of-the-year vacations coming up and he is looking forward to getting away for a while. I have been enjoying a women's bible study on Thursday mornings with some wonderful ladies! I have only been able to attend 2 MOPS groups, missing one to being out of town, but I have loved it so far! I will be missing the next one due to being out of town, but after that I don't plan to miss anymore!!!

Well, I think that about sums everything up for now. We will be going to a pumpkin patch with our Journey group this weekend. I can't wait to get some good pictures of Lucas!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Some ABC's of our life!

A is for air conditioning. Our a/c broke about a week ago and we were able to get it fixed, but not before Mommy and Lucas came down with a cold.
B is for boating. Lucas had his first jet-skiing experience. No, he did not get on. We spent the weekend before last down at the dock and took the jet skis out with some of our friends. A great time was had by all. Karlene and Sandy were extremely gracious and allowed us to borrow their boat to stay in the cool while others were out jet skiing on the lake!
C is for Lucas' first cold. He has had a runny nose and a cough for a little over a week now and we have been to the doctor for it. Poor guy!
D is for dental extremity. ( I know that's stretching it!) Lucas has gotten another tooth! He now has two bottom teeth!
E is for ear infection. Along with Lucas' cold came a slight ear infection. He loves his medicine and we are hopeful that it will be clearing up soon!
F is for Florida! The Spanier family headed down to the panhandle for Labor Day weekend. We stayed at a condo on the beach and I never even set foot on the sand! We attending a wedding on Saturday and then had dinner with Kevin's mom's side of the family. On Sunday, we had a shrimp boil with Kevin's dad's side of the family.
G is for Gustav. Our time in Florida was cut short due to Hurricane Gustav. The outer bands were predicted to hit the panhandle and we didn't want to get stuck there so we headed home Sunday evening instead of Monday.
H is for home! We are now home and getting back on schedule.

As for other updates, Kevin has been working very long hours at work the past week. There was a period last week where he did not even get to see Lucas for a few days! Last Thursday, Lucas and I went to eat lunch with Kevin and his co-workers and then we went to see where he works and meet the rest of his co-workers. I think daddy very much enjoyed this! I have also joined a MOPS group (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) that meets on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month. I am excited about this and am anxious to socialize with other mommys and have Lucas interact with other babies too! I will let you know how the first meeting goes! I guess that's about all for now!